Linzi is an intuitive energy healer living and working in Brooklyn. She will help you to have a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you by working best with your energy. Through intention and meditation you will come to find relaxation and how to work with your flow.  


All services provided on a sliding scale based on what you feel you are able to afford. If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

INTUITIVE HEALING - Intuitive healing sessions encompass many practices to help promote stress relief, healing, as well a connection to your life path.  Utilizing the practices of Shamanic Reiki as a foundation, I incorporate touch, essential oils, crystals, aura clearing, and breath work. This allows the client to rest while their chakras are cleansed, creating a balance that helps alleviate certain physical and emotional ailments as well as grounding and heightened intuition. Through this work I often receive visions from your past, present, and future lives along with messages that come from the other side.  I share with you these divine pieces throughout the time on the table or afterwards; each session ending with a talk if you feel called to it.  Sessions range from 60-90 minutes and can be crafted to something more particular if you have specific blocks or goals. Come to enjoy yourself, be in this moment and receive some healing light. 

$50 - $150 

BIRTH CHART READING  - When you are born, the placement of the planets in the sky set a tone for your base self. By understanding the relationship between the stars, you can figure who you are and how to best flow with these characteristics. You can learn where your strength and weaknesses lie and why you are drawn to certain things.  Think of this as more of  your nature side of nature vs nurture. In working with your birth chart, you can see it as a guide that helps you move more easily through this life. At various times along your journey, your chart will speak to you in different ways, making it great to return to throughout the years. 

 $50 - $200

GUIDED MEDITATION/SHAMANIC JOURNEYING - Close your eyes and get ready to breathe while traveling to beautiful places. Connect with yourself and receive messages. Meditations can be customized based on your desired outcome. 

$35 - $90

CARD READINGS - Come for a Tarot, Mermaid Oracle, or Daily Guidance From Your Angels readings. Cards can offer guidance on a certain situation or how best to move forward with what you have been given. Past, present, and future will have clarity through a reading with the cards. 

$25 - $75

HOME SMUDGING/CLEANING - If you feel the energy of your home space needs to be cleared and lifted because you just moved in, someone moved out, there is unwanted spiritual energy, regular maintenance, or something else, this might be for you. We will sit together and create a sacred space through guided mediation and talk to create a positive bubble of light and love for you and your home. Incenses and herbs will be burnt to remove dark energies  as we move throughout each room with intention and healing.  

$85 - $300

PET REIKI -  Similar to the intuitive healing session, I will connect with your beloved companion to help ease any stress or energetic blocks they may be experiencing. My own baby, Astro, came to me as a newborn kitten only days before I began my training and has been my best client so far. Animals are tuned into nature and energy with such a beautiful sensitivity. Meditation and peace of mind, body, and soul ignites the light in our pets which in turn helps open our own hearts. Shine your light together!

$35 - $145

Linzi is certified in level two reiki and shamanic healing  and has been studying cards and astrology for many years. She has mentored under the ever gifted psychic-medium , Robyn Hessinger. She hosts Guided Meditation Circles around the city so check social media for updates.  Please feel free to be in touch for appointments, consultations, and questions.